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arcade_hitman [userpic]
by arcade_hitman (arcade_hitman)
at December 13th, 2005 (07:24 am)

Kinda short this time.

Mahou Sensei:
Finally done with this one after a the longest time of the final episode being out. It was kind of a dissappointment to watch the final episode it craptacular pixel vision. They left out some shit too, like what else does Asuna's little partner card do? Apparently the anime only wanted to show that for like a total of 10 minutes. Fairly good ending except for the way they solved the problem (how the hell do middle school students have access to that kind of technology!?). And yet again I emphasize on the amount of pedophilia involved with this one, and they could have used more of it in the end cause Negi was being a bitch.
Story: 8/10
Character: 9/10
Pedophiles: 9/10 (for pedo-women) 8/10 (for guys who like high school girls) 0/10 (for pedo-bear)
Magic: 5/10 (was there even a need for it)

I haven't watched this in a damn long time. Episode 21 subbed and I think I'm as far back as episode 9, not like it was all that good anyways (damn main chracter and his "acting suave" voice).
Probability of me finishing this anytime soon: 2/10

Boning in animes that aren't "hentai":
Gantz: I'd actually call that hentai in a non-hentai series 10/10 (it deserved that)
Tsukihime: Tell your grandkids that you slept with a vampire. Funny how I expected the whole "was it good for you?" line in that scene 8/10
Futakoi alt.: Not done with this yet, but I can sense it since they already showed a scene where they were about to. ?/10

WTF is up with my reviews today!?