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coldbloodedmonk [userpic]
it's been awhile
by coldbloodedmonk (coldbloodedmonk)
at December 2nd, 2005 (08:13 am)

current mood: debative
current song: Question-System of a Down

it's been almost two weeks since anyone posted here. I guess we're all just busy with other things. Naruto's busy with life, and everytime i get online, i go straight to penpenstudios. By the way, Hitman, kudos for showing us that, that's a pretty nice place. I've been having waay too much fun debating in the x-box 360 topic.

Yeah, that's another thing, the x-box 360's out now. I personally am con when it comes to this system. i believe that it's a good system, but the graphics capabilities aren't enough of a jump for me to think of it as next-gen. Not to mention, like naruto said, microsoft's selling point was x-box live. If that's the best selling point that you have than you aren't bringing much to the table. There have also been several reports of overheating and crashing. Their are educated rumors that this is not due to the system itself, but actually the Power Supply Unit. Apparentally it's overlarge, so people are trying to hide it out of view, but this doesn't leave the PSU with enough ventilation to keep from overheating. Yes, of course it is expected of every new console to have glitches and problems, but usually it doesn't happen that fast, there's barely a story on the console out their that doesn't include something about the crashing. Not to mention, you'd think microsoft would have fixed this problem with the PSU permanently by now, considering the original x-box had a recall on it's PSU due to instances of fire if the console was left on for too long.

Besides this, microsoft just didn't really upgrade their product enough to be next-gen, like i stated before. Sony had alot of selling points in their hardware. They have Nvidia's latest graphics card, and they are using IBM top-of-the-line processors, not to mention IBM's newly introduced cell-chip. The only thing that i'm a little skeptical on when it comes to PS3, is the boomerang shaped controller.

Nintendo on the other hand, sold themselves with mystery on basically every aspect of the system besides it's name. The only thing that's changed since E3 is that they've released the design of their controller. This went over quite well with the gaming community since it is a single-handed, semi-virtual reality controller. Now if they can just do it right. Getting the right processors, and making deals with companies who know how to utilize this controller well, is something that could very-well put Nintendo back on top this time, since they've put out the least popular system for two generations now. If this controller's not enough, you can bet that Nintendo's atleast going to come close to the graphics capabilities of one of the other two systems, and who knows? maybe Nintendo will surprise us all with the best next-gen console in every aspect, but only time will tell.

wow, long post that only took me 5 minutes, but that's basically the summary of my arguments to-date over the x-box 360, with some PS3 and Revolution mixed in.