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arcade_hitman [userpic]
by arcade_hitman (arcade_hitman)
at November 21st, 2005 (08:01 am)

current mood: cold
current song: LOLICORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

The forum I'm a part of is asking for more members: http://www.penpenstudios.com/
It's also a stepmania community, so try to brush up on that if you want to join or just avoid the SM discussion. And feel free to whore out this comm on it, but make sure you follow the rules cause I don't want to be banned for inviting a jackass to the board.

New anime review!:

Yet another vampire anime out there. They do bring the idea of "blood affinity" in there but I find that to be weird cause now I'm wondering the love part of the story will even work that way. And there's also the thing with the vampire whose blood increases instead.....and i still don't get that except for the fact it like having a bomb explode whenever she gets a nose bleed.

Animal Yokocho:
It's little children on acid! The opening defines all of this especially with the line "secret pot party", there's an episode that explains this but I still find it funny. It's also very good for people into loli since the little girl is extremely cute. So there ya go, if your a pedophile on acid, watch this.