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coldbloodedmonk [userpic]
The Matrix: Path of Neo
by coldbloodedmonk (coldbloodedmonk)
at November 14th, 2005 (09:35 am)

Current price at most retail stores: $49.99 ESRB rating: T

Any Matrix fans have been waiting for a good game to portray the trilogy well for a long time. Until now we've still been waiting because, well, Enter the Matrix just doesn't do any justice to the series, and what the hell is a matrix game where you don't get to play as The One?

Finally Shiny and Atari have brought us a matrix game that's worth picking up and playing. The game has good visuals, and cutscenes that feature clips from all three movies and even The Animatrix. The controls are very easy to learn, and are simple enough that you'll be whooping some agent ass in no time. You'll be learning many combos throughout the game that will increase your ability to lay the smack down.

Okay, skepticism no.1: In this game you play as The One himself, so I myself was concerned that after you become what i like to call 'uber neo' or, neo as portrayed in the second and third movie, that you would basically be invincible. Well, in the words of the infamous agents neo is still "only human." Neo only has limited focus ability, so if you're constantly stopping or dodging bullets, expect to run out of focus and be pelted with a barrage of rounds. This does mean that you will need to take cover, and unlike the Neo from the third and second movies, you cannot go through the game just using melee attacks, you will need to pick up guns, in fact, you'll probably do the majority of your killing with guns.

Skepticism no.2: "I've watched all three movies, so i've seen everything that happens in the game, right?" Wrong, although your goal as Neo is still the same, being to save zion, you have many missions that were not anywhere in the movies. While most of these missions were still implied to have happened during the movies, but they just weren't shown, there are several things that are complete surprises. First of all, you go through several training simulations when you first arrive on the nebbachudnezzar. These include several Kung Fu and sword missions besides just Morpheus' test. Oh, and fair warning, when fighting Morpheus, he can be a very cheap bastard. Let's just say that he likes to use the Aerial strike level 3 very often. So your best bet is just to pick up a bo staff from a corner and wail on him, and keep yourself from being grappled at any cost. Back to the surprises of the game. Sometimes you will come across matrix glitches in your journey that can be very confusing indeed. Things like upside down rooms, and disappearing floors. The kind of things that make you wonder, "is the room upside down, or am I?" The Merovingian's Chateau has to be the worst, as it can get to the point where the enviroment feels like Alice in Wonderland. You even fight human-sized fire ants. Tell me that ain't weird. Don't worry though, these so-called 'glitches' make the game that much more enjoyable, but just trust me, you haven't seen everything the matrix has to offer till you've played this game.

Graphix: 7/10
Sound: 6/10
Controls: 8/10

enjoyability: 8.5/10

Cold-Blooded Monk