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arcade_hitman [userpic]
by arcade_hitman (arcade_hitman)
at November 10th, 2005 (08:46 am)

My computer is now fucked with adware.

There is a total of 3. I found out how to get rid of one of them (at least officially) and I have my own little experiments I need to perform to see if I can solve this myself. This one is tricky too, when I do a scan it locks up when the file in question is reported. I'd really like to get the company 180 solutions arrested, but authorities state that it is questionable whether or not they are performing anything illegal. Here's my argument:
1. invasion of privacy. Sending your information through the internet such as past searches and even the current text you are typing, and by doing this they send you pop ups. They are capable of distributing your personal information (IP adress, where you live, etc.). This reason alone should mean soap on a rope for that entire company.

2. Being a nuissance. Disturbing the peace is enough to get you arrested, why not this?

3. Earning money from this. This should also be a reason to arrest all the other companies involved with this. A lot of the pop ups I get are ones I've seen even without this fucking adware. So that means if 180 is arrested then they will be too just for paying them, which means less pop ups on the internet.

4. Making it so you can not uninstall it through add/remove programs. This should be a fricken law. Someone should be able to choose if they want to uninstall something or not (I'm looking at you My Way Search Assistant). This is just another way to keep up the things I listed above. Even more insentive to get these guys in a highly guarded cell with some guy named Buh-buh.

5. Harrassment. Intruding into people's lives. Although I don't like to say it too much, some people live on the internet and their computer. This program is like some guy that decided to come to your house, eat your food, and sleep in your bed. This isn't a big enough reason to get them arrested because this is exactly what spammers do, but why don't you add everything I said about them together and tell me why they shouldn't be imprisoned.

6. Distributing a program that is very similar to a virus (so similar that it could be one). Nobody should have to put up with a program that is trying to access something using MS-DOS (I'm lucky that it failed to do that). Nobody needs to go to their task manager to end a process that they don't even want running that's taking up 100% of their CPU. This is damaging your computer almost as much as a worm would. If the program uses 100% long enough your computer will fry.

7. False advertising. Here's their crappy ass slogan "180 search assistant will improve your computer and internet". That is not what it is word for word, but that is almost exactly what they mean to say. There slogan should actually say "I'm bundled with this free software and want to rape your computer up the ass. Your motherboard is so warm! *the sound of your computer getting raped in the ass*".

I believe I make a good arguement. Adware should be absolutely illegal on the internet. It's just as bad as a virus and twice as annoying. It's wasting my time and I will not tolerate it. Keeping a download up for a week just to be postponed by a hinderence that might cause you to lose all that you worked for is not funny at all.

Don't even ask me how I got this on my computer. Pirating is full of ups and downs. No one will help you learn how to do it so you must learn yourself. This is another lesson I've learned and has brought me one step closer to being a master of it.

I should have done homework, but it is much more important that I flame these bastards. This message may be posted several other places around the internet.


Posted by: arcade_hitman (arcade_hitman)
Posted at: November 11th, 2005 02:35 am (UTC)

Ha! Fixed it! But for some reason I can't access the microsoft update page.......but who cares. I still love my rant though.

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