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naruto_34491 [userpic]
by naruto_34491 (naruto_34491)
at January 13th, 2006 (12:38 pm)

current mood: apathetic
current song: (sic) - Slipknot

This is one of the best and heavyist eavy metal bands you will hear. now me and brennan (coldbloodedmonk) listen to them all the time cause if anything they are the best angry music there is.

Now there are 9 members to this band and they all have numbers. we start with number 0 sid he is the mixer his nickname is monkeyboy. he wears a gas mask for his band mask. next we have 1 who is joey who is lead drums his nickname is superball. He has a japanese mask for his band mask. Number 2 is paul who is bassist for slipknot his nickname is balls Paul wears a latex pig's face mask. 3 is chris and he is percussionist and his nickname is Mr. pickle nose he wears a long noise pinnocio mask. james is number 4 and he wears a  court jester/demon mask and has the nickname the peach. number 5, craig, is the media sampler he wears a gas station helmet with nails in it and his nickname is 133 MHz . 6 is shawn he is a percussionist and wears a zombie clown mask with the nick name of kong. 7 is mick and his is guitar and he wears a modifyed hocky mask but he has others. his nickname is log. Finnaly the singer of slipknot is corey or number 8 with a zombie with dreads and his nickname is the sickness.

they were formed in 1995 and had meany hard times getting to where they are now there first album (more of a demo then anything) call M.F.K.R or mate feed kill repeat was released in 1996 then have released slipknot, IOWA, and VOL 3 (the subliminal verses). there drums are the main thing you notice about slipknot and can be matched by no other band out there. slipknot puts into words what anger you feel so me and brennan say if your mad you need a good dose of slipknot right away. now to end with (sic) my favorite slipknot song.

Enemy - Show me what you wanna be
I can handle anything
Even if I can't handle you
Readily - Either way it better be
Don't you fuckin' pity me
Get up, get off...
What the hell am I sayin'?
I don't know about malevolent
Sure as hell decadent
I want somebody to step up, step off
Walls! Let me fall! FUCK YOU ALL!
Get a grip, don't let me slip 'til I drop the ball

I - I want it all!
Fuck this shit, I'm sick of it
You're goin' down, this is a war!

Who the fuck am I to criticize your twisted
state of mind?
You're leavin' me suspect - I'm leavin' you grotesque
Feels like a burn from which you never learn
Cause and effect, you jealous ass
Press your face against the glass - SUFFER!

I - I want it all!
Fuck this shit, I'm sick of it
You're goin' down, this is a war!
I've just begun
It's about that time
Gotta get mine




Posted by: slimneb (slimneb)
Posted at: June 4th, 2009 06:35 pm (UTC)

hmmmm. interesting........

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