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arcade_hitman [userpic]
by arcade_hitman (arcade_hitman)
at December 8th, 2005 (08:53 am)

Woah, postage.

One guy, five sets of twins that all love him. This was filled with a crap load of drama mainly because the main character can't deal with the fact that there are a bunch of girls around him. There's a little drama story with an old school friend of his confessing to one of the twins. They spend a lot of the time with the character being a pissy bitch by acting moody whenever he's around him, but in the end the twin doesn't hold the same feeling for him and ends up going right back to the main character. Now let's take about these twins shall we:

The Generic Childhood Friends Twins: Old friends of the main character and he is one (out of two) of the people that can easily tell them apart (in fact he can usually tell all twins apart). They go through a large bit where one of the sisters asks the other if they like the main character and the other one fails to hide it, the first twin then decides she won't go after him because of this, but a huge argument insues and they both decide that they love him and basically become a team going after the same guy that will force bigomy upon him.

Rich Stupid, but Really Cute Twins: The only twins in this series that have absolutely no difference in appearence. The main charcater does mix them up at one point but it was during one of his moody "time to space out" moods. The girls meet the main character when they are "learning to live in the real world" and their butler ends up pulling a wrestling move on him. The twins fall in love with him for all the reasons that everyone else does, his ability to help anyone and his kindness. They're the only other set of twins that actually say they love the main character along with the childhood friends and become their rival in the end. These twins are also the epitome of twins talking the same, I swear they have a script for every single conversation just so that they can say stuff in sync.

Little Girl Twins: Two stubborn little kids that want to marry the main character. They are almost loli to the max, especially when they say "better not cheat on us onii-chan" (hahahahahahahaha). basically they are there for a bit of comedy relief, but there are parts when it's just better to not have them there.

Teacher Twins: They don't show enough of them or there shota obsession with the main character. Once near beginning where the nurse one helps the main character and at the end are the only times that they actually say they like this boy in middle school.

Vet Twins: Not enough shown of them either. They don't really even say they like the main character, but you can absolutely tell cause sometimes I think they're stalking him.

Younger but Still Within Age Limit Twins: My favorite set of the twins, mainly because one of them reminds of a character from Kanon (the whole sick thing) and the other loves her twin so much that it seems almost yuri (and she's also a total bitch). They do end up both falling in love with the main character (wow, that's different) but have to move away but do end up coming back during breaks they have in school to visit him. I thought is was weird that they totally glomped the guy in the end though (even the bitchy one).

Pretty good series, but the butler was a total bastard.
(Tied in) Futakoi Alternative: Let's take all of the twins and give them guns and shit! Let's also get a new main character cause that last one sucked. This one seems a lot better mainly becaue of the action and the crazy cop (He's so awesome!). They also have an extremely MOE moment when LuLu and LaLa have white translusent goo all over them (bwahahahahahahahahaha *nose bleed*) and there's no way that no one making that scene was onot thinking that, I mean there was even tentacles everywhere.

Rating (without alternative):
Story: 6
Main Character: 5
Twins: 10

13 episodes 3 minutes each. Let's just say it was anime that didn't need drugs to be this weird. Not much I can say on this though.
Animation: 5
Plot: what plot?
Comedic Value: 8
Characters: 9

Be back later with more, I have a lot to write about but need to get back to class.